Recruit, retain and retrain the best

Discover how investing in L&D can help organizations thrive including the business benefits of certificate programs and key skill sets needed in finance and accounting.


Gearing up for success

Outlines the talent management best practices HR and finance leaders can take to develop their finance staff and help the business respond to changing conditions and emerging opportunities.


Fostering business agility

With unprecedented levels of change, a shortage of talent and increasing workloads, finance and HR leaders should work together to develop finance staff skills, retain talent and help their business succeed.


Strategies for shaping company success: Building staff competencies and other CFO best practices

With rapidly changing global markets, highly effective learning is "critical" to organizational success. AICPA and CFO Magazine share best practices from top companies.


Bose Corporation wants trusted advisors to navigate the business.

Jim Waddell, Controller, Bose Corporation, highlights the benefits of selecting the CGMA Finance Leadership Program.


Volvo develops finance professionals for the future of finance.

Brian Dumbill, FCMA, CGMA, VP Finance, Volvo Financial Services, chose the CGMA Finance Leadership Program to support finance transformation.


Koch Industries prepares employees to think on a global scale.

Andy Ek, CGMA, Director of Talent Development, describes why Koch Industries chose the CGMA Finance Leadership Program.

Case study

Aprio builds critical skill sets and competitive advantage

Previously known as Habif, Arogeti & Wynne LLP, Aprio makes impressive investments in learning and development including AICPA conferences.

Case study

RSM is working to elevate women in the profession and the bottom line

In this Q&A, RSM US LLP shares its experience at the AICPA Women's  Global Leadership Summit, as well as best practices regarding diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Case study

Not-for-Profit Certificates give CapinCrouse LLP new insight

Read how the AICPA NFP Certificates equip staff with the most up-to-date standards and content.

Case study

Learning helps Weaver recruit and engage talent

Read how AICPA Tax Staff Essentials has helped this top 50 firm keep on top of constant change and get an edge over the competition.

Firm spotlight

LBMC builds an online university to help staff become future-ready

John Dunavan, director of learning and development, shares his educational strategies and best practices in this Q&A.

Case study

Calvin Martin & Co. uses digital badge to win client

See how investing in employee learning, specifically EBP audit certificates, helped this firm prove staff competencies and gain a competitive edge.

Case study

Addressing complexity with Not-for-Profit Certificates

The Star of Hope Mission educates staff on the unique requirements of accounting and financial reporting for non-profit organizations – and show donors their contributions are in good hands.

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