2020-2021 Public seminar catalog

AICPA offers more than 2,500 seminars nationwide which are sponsored by state CPA societies. From government/not-for-profit to controllership, taxation to internal control, AICPA covers all topics with the most up-to-date information. Our authors and instructors are leaders in their field and strive to make your seminar a successful learning experience.

Controller’s Update: Today’s Latest Trends


Strengthen your abilities as a controller and help your management team understand current economic issues through the latest trends in accounting, finance, human resources, treasury management, and business systems. In this course you will discuss leading-edge topics in managerial accounting and finance in a session that is packed with...

Core Forensic Accounting Certificate


To excel in forensic accounting, you must have a solid understanding of core forensic accounting topics. This certificate program covers the areas essential to the planning, performance and reporting for all forensic accounting engagements. Leverage this program to acquire new skills, begin the CFF Credential pathway or earn CPE credits...

COSO Enterprise Risk Management Certificate Program


The only COSO-authorized certificate program on the 2017 COSO ERM framework, this certificate program offers you the unique opportunity to learn the concepts and principles of the updated ERM framework and be prepared to integrate it into your organization's strategy-setting process to drive business performance. Plus, you'll earn up to...

COSO Internal Control Certificate Program


Assessing a quality system of internal control can be challenging. Adapting to rapidly changing business models and technologies require systems of internal control—and those who manage them—to be agile. The COSO Internal Control Certificate will develop your expertise in designing, implementing, and monitoring a system of internal...

Critical Thinking Skills


Critical thinking is an essential element of the professional accountant's toolkit – no matter the role you hold. It's an invaluable life skill which you can apply anywhere, provided you do it in the right way and at the right time.

This CPE self-study course will provide you with the essential information to enhance your critical...

CVFI Education


To help valuation professionals better convey the contents of financial instrument valuations and demonstrate a high level of dedication to approaching the valuation of derivatives, structured products, securitized debt, and other instruments, the AICPA created the Certified in the Valuation of Financial Instruments™ (CVFI™) credential....

Cybersecurity Advisory Services Certificate


Organizations are under increasing pressure to demonstrate that they are managing threats, and that they have effective processes and controls in place to detect, respond to, mitigate and recover from cybersecurity events.

Cybersecurity yields potential business opportunities for a firm to better serve its clients. As a trusted...

Cybersecurity Advisory Services: Readiness Assessment Deep Dive


Cybersecurity yields potential business opportunities for a firm to better serve its clients. Cyber threats come in all shapes, sizes, complexity and are ever-evolving. Attacks are causing great financial loss and serious damage to companies. It is essential for organizations to establish a baseline for identifying critical components...

Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Finance and Accounting Professionals


Develop your fluency and gain the confidence to collaborate with others, as a non-IT professional, to help protect your organization or your clients from cyber threats. Cyber-attacks can disrupt businesses, result in financial losses, and destroy an organization's reputation.

This certificate program covers several cybersecurity...

Cybersecurity Practical Applications Certificate


Become the go-to cyber adviser within your organization and with your clients. In your role as an accounting professional, you will likely be involved in assessing and mitigating cyber risk, and determining what will be done in the event of a cybersecurity breach.

Through this engaging and interactive certificate program, you will...