2019-2020 Course catalog

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Whether you need a quick 4-hour update or several days of in-depth instruction, bringing an AICPA On-site to your office is an efficient and cost-effective way to accomplish your organizational goals. On-sites are available with an AICPA Instructor or a discussion leader guide, to allow your in-house expert to lead the course.

Basis/Distributions for Pass-Through Entities: Simplifying the Complexities


The IRS is scrutinizing, more closely than ever, the basis owners have and the transactions for which the computation of basis is required. This course addresses the rules used to determine basis for partnerships and S Corporations, and puts the computation of basis in contexts that often...

Becoming an AICPA Peer Review Team or Review Captain: Case Study Application


Apply your knowledge of the AICPA’s Peer Reviewer program to a practical application case study. This course features realistic case studies that encompass the most important elements of a system peer review, as well as several case studies pertaining to an engagement review. As a current...

Best Practices for Payroll Taxes and 1099 Issues


This course is designed to provide you with practical pointers for managing the payroll tax and reporting function. Learn how to avoid the frequent penalties in payroll tax reporting and stay up-to-date with the latest information. It also shows how to handle reporting and withholding...

Blockchain for Financial Services


How will blockchain affect the financial service industry? An overview of the basic concepts behind blockchain technology, this CPE course will assist you in determining the potential use of blockchain on varying types of financial services companies, including:


Blockchain for Healthcare


Blockchain is a complex new area that could have a significant impact on how accounts and transactions are recorded and audited. Developed by Bryant Nielson, founder of the Blockchain Academy, this CPE course provides an in-depth understanding of the influence of blockchain on the...

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