2018-2019 Course catalog

200+ Courses and flexible options for 10+ staff members

Whether you need a quick 4-hour update or several days of in-depth instruction, bringing an AICPA On-site to your office is an efficient and cost-effective way to accomplish your organizational goals. On-sites are available with an AICPA Instructor or a discussion leader guide, to allow your in-house expert to lead the course.

Accounting Methods and Periods: Including Form 3115


This course provides participants with an overview of the various factors considered for the determination of the proper accounting method (such as cash, accrual) and provides detailed examples of court rulings and client examples (for specific industries) involving each.

Advanced Auditing of HUD-Assisted Projects


Does your organization know what it takes to perform a HUD audit? During this course you will gain important insights into compliance pitfalls for HUD-assisted housing owners and managers.

Advanced Business Law for CPAs


Get a solid understanding of complex legal issues that come up every day and learn how to respond to them. Issue identification is often what separates top financial officers and managers from others.

Advanced Controller and CFO Skills


This course examines best practices of leading-edge controllers and CFOs. Demonstrate your advanced skills that add value and contribute to the success of the organization.

Advanced Defined Contribution Plans Audit Certificate Exam Review


The Advanced Defined Contribution Plans Audit Certificate gives you the opportunity to prove your knowledge in the defined contribution plan audit industry. Hold yourself out to clients, prospects and peers as someone who upholds audit quality by earning this advanced certificate.

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