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Robotic Process Automation Strategy for Business Leaders


As a strategic business partner, you will be affected by RPA. Whether you sponsor, drive, initiate or manage RPA strategy, this webcast will prepare you for the future. You will get an overview of RPA, learn how automation is transforming businesses and understand how RPA provides a...

RPA for Accounts Payable & Receivable


Transform AP & AR with RPA. Increase your competitive edge and move toward an intelligent enterprise by harnessing automation (RPA) to increase operational efficiency and enhance customer experience. Prepare employees to add greater value to your organization by eliminating time-...

RPA for Tax


Revolutionize business processes in Tax

This webcast will give accounting and financial professionals a practical literacy on robotic process automation (RPA) via the use of performance based, task-centered problems. This webcast will help you identify potential uses for robotic...



This cousre will present the contents of each section of a SOC 2 report, highlighting key items of interest to the user. Familiarize yourself with what the sections of a SOC 2 report may look like. As a SOC 2 report user, you will better be able to identify pertinent information as it may...

Streamlined Excel Reporting Series


The Streamlined Excel Reporting Series includes four webcasts that will guide you through step-by-step demonstrations on how to create and use PivotTables to increase your productivity and effectiveness as a finance professional.