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Application of Data Analysis Essentials Certificate


The Application of Data Analysis Essentials Certificate offers hands-on experience regarding how to analyze data and calculate fundamental aspects of your data sets. This certificate program provides the core concepts and definitions of data analytics, which explain the anatomy of data as...

Blockchain for Financial Services


How will blockchain affect the financial service industry? An overview of the basic concepts behind blockchain technology, this CPE course will assist you in determining the potential use of blockchain on varying types of financial services companies, including:


Blockchain for Healthcare


Blockchain is a complex new area that could have a significant impact on how accounts and transactions are recorded and audited. Developed by Bryant Nielson, founder of the Blockchain Academy, this CPE course provides an in-depth understanding of the influence of blockchain on the...

Blockchain for Insurance


Since blockchain is a new and complex area of technology, it can significantly change how accounts and transactions are recorded and audited. By taking a proactive approach, those in the insurance sector can ensure that the changes coming from blockchain don't have a negative effect on the...

Blockchain for Supply Chain


Blockchain is a new technology being used to drive corporate transparency. At the core, it is a ledger technology where everyone has a copy, and all transactions are verified before being replicated. In this course, we will take a look at three supply chain interactions and see how...

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