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Enterprise Risk Management: New Approaches for Today’s Complexities


New risks are arising from technological change, political uncertainty, cyber-crime and increasing drivers of intangible value. It is mandatory for organizations to be proactive in anticipating and managing risks. This approach requires organizations to build a risk awareness and...

Finance Business Partnering: Influence to Impact


This course offers finance professionals an advanced application-based approach to finance business partnering. You will acquire essential problem-solving skills that can positively affect all areas of the business; learn how to leverage analytics tools and techniques to aid in decision-...

Finance Business Partnering: The Essentials


This course builds on your current knowledge and experience to help you successfully navigate and drive value for your business during a time of disruptive, technology-led change. You will learn how to stay relevant and future-focused while building your competencies in critical areas...

Finance Transformation: Ignite Change


The Ignite Change Certificate provides deeper insight into the various objectives and roles within the Finance value chain of the future. It focuses on what changes are required within organizations to adapt to the changing business environment and how new and existing roles will underpin...

Finance Transformation: Manage Disruption Certificate


The Manage Disruption Certificate provides the context to the accelerating evolution of finance in organizations. It focuses on why and how the business environment is changing and how the finance team can prepare for and respond to these changes.

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