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The Bottom Line on the New Lease Accounting Requirements


How do the leasing requirements in the new standard differ from current GAAP? This course addresses that question by focusing on the core principles of the new standard. Discussion includes identification, recognition, measurement, presentation and disclosure requirements. Case study...

The Most Common Financial Statement and Asset Fraud Schemes: How to Detect and Prevent Them


Many costly fraudulent schemes have occurred repeatedly throughout the past several decades. Why do these material fraud schemes continue to succeed? Is this due to failures of properly designed internal controls? Could the internal controls be adequate but not complied with? This course...

U.S. GAAP: Review for Business & Industry


Which FASB ASUs become effective in the next year and beyond? How should the new guidance be applied? This course helps to answer those questions by addressing GAAP financial accounting and reporting topics in conjunction with an overview of recent FASB pronouncements. Applicable to a...