Accounting and Auditing

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Risk Assessment Deep Dive: How to Avoid Common Missteps


Learn about the most pervasive issues the Peer Review team has uncovered and how to avoid them in your practice. At the core of every audit are the goals of identifying, assessing and responding to risks of material misstatement. Yet, common misconceptions can lead to non-compliance. In...

SOC for Cybersecurity Certificate


Cybersecurity threats are escalating, unnerving the boards of directors, managers, investors and other stakeholders of organizations of all sizes – whether public or private. The result? Your clients are under pressure to demonstrate that they are managing threats with effective processes...

SOC for Service Organizations Deep Dive


Presenting the content used in the SOC for Service Organizations School, this CPE course features considerations and application exercises covering complex SOC for Service Organizations-related situations to prepare you for your next engagement. Apply system and organization control (SOC)...

SOC for Service Organizations School


Apply system and organization control (SOC) principles in complex and nuanced SOC 1®, SOC 2®, and SOC 3® engagements. This two-day live school assumes you have experience performing and managing staff who conduct SOC engagements. For each type of SOC engagement, using your existing...

Specialized Forensic Accounting Certificate


Each forensic accounting engagement is unique with its facts and objectives. Forensic accountants need to use appropriate specialized forensic knowledge, tools and procedures during the engagement. This certificate program covers unique areas including bankruptcy, property damages, family...