Accounting and Auditing

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Construction Contractors Advanced Issues


The construction industry comes with many advanced accounting and audit issues and strategic planning concerns, which makes construction contractor engagements inherently higher risk than other engagements. As a result, practitioners and financial professionals should be prepared to...

Construction Contractors: Accounting and Auditing


The construction industry is one of the most unique when it comes to being in compliance with the various accounting and auditing standards. This course examines the core knowledge necessary to succeed and the key issues impacting construction accounting and auditing, including the new...

Core Forensic Accounting Certificate


To excel in forensic accounting, you must have a solid understanding of core forensic accounting topics. This certificate program covers the areas essential to the planning, performance and reporting for all forensic accounting engagements. Leverage this program to acquire new skills,...

COSO Internal Control Certificate Program


Assessing a quality system of internal control can be challenging. Adapting to rapidly changing business models and technologies require systems of internal control—and those who manage them—to be agile. The COSO Internal Control Certificate will develop your expertise in designing,...

Cybersecurity Advisory Services: Readiness Assessment Deep Dive


Cybersecurity yields potential business opportunities for a firm to better serve its clients. Cyber threats come in all shapes, sizes, complexity and are ever-evolving. Attacks are causing great financial loss and serious damage to companies. It is essential for organizations to establish...