New Courses 2020-2021

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Audits of Employee Benefit Plans Subject to ERISA


Employee benefit plan (EBP) audit engagements continue to be scrutinized by regulators and peer reviewers due to history of noncompliance with applicable professional standards. Auditors require proper skills to perform EBP engagements effectively. You will work through the plan audit...

Blockchain for Financial Advisors


This webcast will provide CPAs, tax professionals, financial planners and other professionals with practical literacy on blockchain and determine the potential use for and current implementations of blockchain technologies within the financial advisory industry. In addition to other areas...

Blockchain for Financial Services


Use case review: challenges & opportunities

Blockchain is transforming how transactions occur, how they are recorded, and how those records are maintained within the financial services industry. This dynamic webcast looks at three use cases to demonstrate how blockchain can be...

Blockchain for Healthcare


The blockchain effect

Implementation in healthcare

This dynamic webcast looks at three healthcare use cases to demonstrate how blockchain can be implemented to reduce errors, increase auditability, and drive collaboration. The focus areas include patient data management, drug...

Blockchain for Insurance


Deep dive into blockchain!

Learn how blockchain can transform the insurance industry so you can better advise your clients, serve your organizations, or influence blockchain technology initiatives within your firm.

You'll deep dive into use cases for property and casualty,...