People and Leadership

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Leading vs. Managing


When is it appropriate to manage and when is it appropriate to lead? You could be asked to do both on any given day. This CPE self-study online course explains the differences and why it matters.

Managing Change


An estimated 80% of organizational change initiatives fail — this course can help you beat the odds.

By showing you how to employ the appropriate tools and techniques to proactively manage change, you can significantly increase your chances of success.

This CPE self-study...

Optimizing Performance Through Listening and Observing


Listening and observing are essential leadership skills fundamental to all good working relationships. When someone feels listened to and heard, it directly affects not only their performance, but also their commitment and overall happiness at work.

This CPE self-study online course...

Time Management


If you’ve ever wondered “Where did my day go?” this course is for you.

In an increasingly busy world, the ability to plan and prioritize, overcome procrastination, and deal with interruptions is an essential business skill — no matter what your role.

This CPE self-study...